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Longaevitas De Mexico

Expert Guidance

Structured Finance

Structured Finance is the segment of the financial industry involved with non-traditional fixed income products that targets stable and predictable cash flows. Structured Finance provides solutions to investment objectives not sufficiently covered by traditional Fixed Income products.

  • An ongoing evolution. The Structured Finance industry has evolved rapidly in recent years into a significant part of the global financial system as the demand for alternative sources of yield have become ever stronger.

  • Our approach to Structured Finance. We originate opportunities across the non-traditional credit spectrum to provide clients with opportunities for sourcing, diversification and spread pick up. We are focused on delivering performance, through stand-alone and multi-strategy investments.

With a strong, conviction-led approach to both credit selection and portfolio construction, our stable and experienced team can offer tailored investment solutions for each asset class and client typology.

Recapitalization and restructuring

Our Directors and Strategic Partners have completed over 30 transactions involving more than 700 Million USD of liabilities. We partner our recapitalization and restructuring team with our strategic alliance industry bankers to deliver tailored advice and solutions in all types of liability-driven capital structure situations and challenges. Our team is unique in that we combine liability management experience and technology, with deep, credit-driven restructuring analysis.

Capital Markets

We structure and execute customized solutions and advise clients on all public and private debt transactions. We provide guidance on the preparation and key decisions, and we manage the investment banking operations of our clients. Our independence coupled with our direct and long-standing buy-side relationships strengthen and quicken our client’s execution leading to a successful transaction for our clients.

Debt Capital Markets

Leveraging our deep capital markets expertise and extensive relationships with financing sources and investors, we provide independent advice on debt capitalization optimization, structuring and placement of:

  • Asset backed solutions

  • High yield financing

  • Private equity

Public Finance and Infrastructure

The Public Finance and Infrastructure Team (PFIT) team was created to finance Mexican State and or Federal government agencies debt.

The PFIT core principles require that all its services should:

  • Promote fiscal responsibility and long term financial planning;

  • Find creative ways to provide access for our customers to the financial markets on the best terms and conditions; and

  • Design and implement tailored solutions for our customers.

Debt restructuring.

Institutional financial development: The PFIT provides advice and implementation to Mexican State and Federal government agencies in debt restructuring and infrastructure funding. This unique structured debt program provides medium and long term debt at less than Mexican sovereign interest rates.

Both State bank and stock market debt include liens, bank reporting, and restrictive covenants that can cause the State or Federal government agencies to lose flexibility in the management of its balance sheet. Our PFIT note is off balance sheet, collateralized by longevity-linked assets only and is therefore non-recourse. Our PFIT team can structure, collateralize, and directly place State or agency governmental  notes on a “Turn-Key Basis”.


Francisco I. Madero
Cañon San Carlos 308
Ensenada B.C. 22790 Mexico


+1 818 386 8757


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